Tired of Your DeadBeat Boyfriend? You're Not Alone....

Find The SUPPORT You Need In 20 Incredible TRUE Stories of Women With DeadBeat Boyfriends!

It doesn't matter how long you're with a dead beat boyfriend LOSER either 2 months to 15 years there's always a way out...

Quotes from Real Experiences:

"I want my dignity back. I want this aching to go away. I want to have familiar thoughts and sounds comfort me, not send me into panic."

"Hind sight, those tickles in the tummy that say something's wrong, listen to them"

"His excuse is always I'm looking for a job, but there is nothing out there."

"He grabbed onto the flesh on my back and
kept twisting it until I started screaming in pain...I let it slide."

"He lies, disappears, doesn't answer his phone, and has taken financial advantage of me to an extreme."

"He works but does not make enough to contribute anything towards any household expenses."

Knowing the truth about other women dealing with unhealthy relationships brings comfort to many that think they're alone. You're NOT ALONE!

The Lazy DeadBeat Boyfriend features 20 unedited TRUE experiences of women and parents of women dealing with what they consider a "DeadBeat Boyfriend". This type of unhealthy behavior affects millions of women across the world BUT most of them don't talk about it.

As you read these individual accounts you’ll discover that SUPPORT is the easiest and safest way for a woman to break away from a bad relationship.

The twenty real experiences written by these women range from a typical lazy deadbeat boyfriend that mooches to a controlling abusive deadbeat that needs to be stopped!

One of the most heartbreaking of experiences comes from a mother that is trying to help her daughter "see the light", a deadbeat boyfriend that’s destroying her life and her future.

Quote from the mother of a daughter with a deadbeat boyfriend:

"I have seem him take her self esteem and rip it apart and be little her in front of her family, friends, his family and to top it off he has gotten violent and abusive.He tore down her dreams and made them his..."

The Lazy DeadBeat Boyfriend: Courageous True Stories Written by Real Women includes:

  • 20 TRUE Unedited Accounts of DeadBeat Boyfriends.
  • The Lazy DeadBeat Boyfriend Test.
  • Signs of a DeadBeat Boyfriend.
  • Steps to Take When Leaving an Unhealthy Relationship.
  • Four Changes You Can Make to Get Rid of A DeadBeat.
  • Over 65 Pages of Support to End a Relationship

Can You Relate to This?

"I have been there with the physical and verbal abuse it has gone and came but the main thing that stays and eats at your soul is the resentment for this person who lets face it has destroyed your life. Why is it that we feel we are not worthy of being treated like human beings?? Why are there so many of us with the same story? The worst part about this is so many of you have posted because we do not have anyone in the world to talk to. Friends are disgusted and family can no longer bear it, so we are all ultimately alone."

Discover the Support You Need Today!

Find a way out with the comfort and knowledge of real women.

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